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Highchair Cushion

Customise your highchair with our pure cotton twill, or buttery soft, vegan leather highchair cushion covers.

Made For Little Bodies

Highchair Cushion FAQs

Clean any food or liquid spills by wiping with a towel/cloth/paper towel. 

For tough stains, treat with a cleaner spray or leave in the sun.

Machine wash cold on a gentle/delicate setting. Avoid harsh spot-scrubbing and use a phosphate-free detergent to prolong colour life. 

Tumble dry on a low heat or line dry.

Yes! Our cushions are compatible with the IKEA ‘Antilop’, Target ‘Snacka’, Kmart ‘Prandium’ and Big W ‘Uno’ highchairs.  

If your highchair is not on this list, just reach out to us HERE to check.

The IKEA inflatable highchair cushion is like a cosy hug for little bodies, helping them to sit up safely and comfortably. 

It gives your baby's back and hips the support it needs, as well as positioning them closer to the tray - making it easier to grab food from anywhere on the tray. 

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